Sleep Report: Good Sleep Day #8

How was your sleep research during the three-day Good Sleep Day event?

Our sleep tends to be shorter and shallower during the full moon. Just as this commonly accepted view may lead us to expect, we found that on the night of the full moon during this Good Sleep Day event, the average sleep duration of all you researchers around the world was 2 min. and 33 sec. shorter than average.

Let’s all do our best to sleep longer on the next night of the full moon!
The next Good Sleep Day event will be held from 4/23 to 4/25.

This Month’s Sleep Tips

From now on, we will share some sleep-related tips in this sleep report.
We hope these tips will help every researcher’s sleep.

Come up with your own nighttime routine!

Finding a routine that helps you relax is an effective way to get better sleep.
Discover the best relaxation technique for you—no single thing is effective for everyone.
Try finding a routine, such as lighting a candle with a scent you like, reading a book you’re already familiar with, cuddling with your pet, solving a puzzle that lets you zone out as you work on it, listening to soothing music, finding bedding or pajamas most comfortable for you, or anything else that’s easy to keep up and lets you relax.
Following this routine every night can be effective because it can teach you bedtime habits.
If you keep up this routine for a while, your brain will learn that you do this activity right before sleep, and it will help you fall asleep more smoothly.
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7 tips for better sleep, based on the latest sleep research