Sleep Tracking

Rest Your Very Best!

Through continued use of Pokémon Sleep, you’ll be able to learn about your day-to-day sleep consistency.

Tips for successful sleep tracking:

  1. Keep your smart device plugged in.
  2. Place your smart device on your mattress.
  3. Don’t turn your screen off or put the app to sleep. Simply leave your device on and turned face down.
    (The screen will darken automatically to save power.)

Note: Don’t place your device under your pillow or blankets, as it may overheat!

Track Sleep Easily With Your Smart Device!

All you need to do is place your smart device by your pillow* and go to sleep—then your sleep will be tracked.
*It is not recommended that you place your device under your pillow or blankets as it may overheat.

Recording Your Sleep Data

Various records are kept about your sleep data.

  1. Sleep duration
  2. Time taken to fall asleep
  3. Time spent Dozing
  4. Time spent Snoozing
  5. Time spent Slumbering
  6. Audio recordings
  7. Audio levels
  8. Sleep diary*

*This function is only available with a Premium Pass subscription.
Further information about the Premium Pass subscription, including the cost, can be found at the “Sleep Pass” section in Pokémon Sleep app.

Sleep Score and Sleep Types

Your sleep is graded within the app based on two criteria: sleep duration and consistency.
Based on your sleep data, your sleep for the day will be categorized into one of the following types: Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, or Balanced.

Helping You to Try to Rest Your Very Best

With functions like Pokémon-inspired background music to relax you into sleep, and smart alarms that wake you when you’re in a shallow stage of your sleep graph, Pokémon Sleep may help you to rest your very best.