Holiday 2023 Bundles Can Help You Get Dream Shards!

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

To go along with the Holiday 2023 — Double Dream Shard Research event, Holiday 2023 Bundles S, M, and L will be available beginning !

We’ve prepared some bundles of items, such as Luck Incense and Dream Clusters, which can help you get Dream Shards. These bundles are great for this event!

You can use your Dream Shards to try out the first ever event-limited function, Candy Boost!

Note: Please see the event notice for details about this function.

You may also want to stock up on Poké Biscuits and Great Biscuits before the event to prepare for more new encounters with Pokémon!

Bundle Details

Availability Period: to

Holiday 2023 Bundle S (250 diamonds)
• Poké Biscuit ×3
• Luck Incense ×1
• Handy Candy S ×3
Note: Up to three available per user

Holiday 2023 Bundle M (1,200 diamonds)
• Poké Biscuit ×20
• Sub Skill Seed ×1
• Handy Candy S ×5
• Dream Cluster S ×3
Note: One available per user

Holiday 2023 Bundle L (3,000 diamonds)
• Great Biscuit ×18
• Main Skill Seed ×1
• Handy Candy M ×2
• Dream Cluster M ×2
Note: One available per user

Luck Incense is an item that doubles the number of Dream Shards you receive through sleep research.
The effects of this incense stack with the effects of the Holiday 2023 — Dream Shard Research event to multiply the number of Dream Shards by four.

Dream Clusters are items that can be exchanged for Dream Shards when used.