Update Contents (version 1.0.12)

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

This update includes the following improvements.
You will need to update to the latest version through your app store.

Update Contents

Bug Fixes

■ Some text and other displays showing up incorrectly after updating to version 1.0.11 in some environments.

Display bug examples:
• Pokémon levels displayed as 35
• Snorlax’s Strength displayed as 1,60
• All Pokémon nicknames displayed as “Pikachu”
• All item names displayed as “Handy Candy”
• Numbers (such as number of items held) displayed incorrectly (0 or 999, etc.)
• Some text displayed in foreign languages

■ The whole screen freezing during Pokémon Evolution animations in some environments.


■ Preparations to add new Pokémon.
Please wait for more details at a later date.

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Sleep!