Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 3

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

To go along with the Good Sleep Day event beginning at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 28, Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 3, packed with items to further boost the effects of the event, will be available!

Bundle Details

Availability Period: to

Bundle Contents:
Good Sleep Day Bundle Vol. 3 (1,500 diamonds)
• Growth Incense ×2
• Luck Incense ×2
• Focus Incense ×2
• Great Biscuit ×9

Growth Incense is an item that doubles the EXP gained by your helper Pokémon during sleep research. Please give it a try when you’d like to raise your helper Pokémon.
If you use this incense during the Good Sleep Day event, the effects of the incense and the event will stack, and your Pokémon will receive four times the usual amount of EXP (or six times the usual amount on the night of the full moon).

Up to two types of incense can be set for a single sleep session. The three-day Good Sleep Day event is a good chance to use some incense!

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Sleep!