Changes to Energy Recovery

After considering the opinions of many players, we have added a function to make Pokémon in the Pokémon Box recover some Energy.

• Energy equal to 5% of your sleep score will be recovered.
• This will be reflected after the next morning’s sleep research is finished.

Example: A Pokémon with 0 Energy on the previous day will recover 5 Energy the next morning if you got a sleep score of 100.

• Pokémon on your current team will continue to recover Energy in the same way that they have until now. This new change only affects Pokémon in the Pokémon Box that are not on your current team.

• If you use a Recovery Incense, Pokémon in your Pokémon Box can recover 10% of your sleep score (the usual 5% plus another 5%).

• The above effect also applies to the second sleep session of the day.

• Adjustments to Energy recovery based on Pokémon Natures will be applied to each Pokémon individually.

Up until now, based on the game’s overall balance, only the Pokémon that were on your team when you slept would recover Energy. Based on many comments that it was difficult for Pokémon in the Pokémon Box to recover Energy, and that they would simply stay there at low Energy for long periods of time, we have changed the game’s specs so that all your befriended Pokémon will recover bit by bit through your daily sleep.

Please keep up the sleep research with lots of Pokémon.