Future Features and Adjustments: Volume 2

News About What’s to Come

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

We are currently working on development of the following points. We will announce through the in-game news when dates are set for new changes to be applied.

Points to be implemented in the next update (partial list)

• Pokémon recovering a small amount of Energy from sleep while inside the Pokémon Box
• Fixes to an issue that caused the effects of Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when candies were used to give EXP

Points currently under development

• Implementing seasonal events
• Adding new Pokémon in September and October
• Adding new Relaxing Sounds and alarm sounds

Known issues slated for improvement in the future

• Sleep tracking failing in some cases during maintenance
• Allowing the whole team to eat cooked dishes together (recovering a small bit of Energy)
• Adjustments to make it easier to collect Berries and ingredients from helpers

Special Gift!

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep! We are giving each player* a gift as a token of our gratitude. You can accept it by tapping on the gift box icon in the upper right of the in-app main menu.
*Players who registered before

• Poké Biscuit ×10
• Sleep point ×1,000
• Handy Candy S ×20
• Growth Incense ×1

We hope you’re able to make good use of this present and continue to enjoy sleep research with Snorlax and other Pokémon.

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Sleep!