Performance Issue Fixes Underway

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

The game is currently experiencing the following performance issues.

Known Bugs

■ Snorlax’s Strength and rating gain animations playing on a loop in certain situations.
This bug can be removed by tapping the MENU button on the title screen, and then tapping Clear Cache.
The bug is scheduled to be fixed in a future update.

Fixed Bugs

Bugs Fixed as of

■ Certain Shiny Pokémon not appearing in the list of profile icon choices even after the Version 1.5.1 update
• Also, users in certain environments may see some Shiny Pokémon that they haven’t yet discovered in their list of profile icon choices, but this is expected behavior, as based on adjustments in the Version 1.0.13 update, some Shiny Pokémon that were evolved count as discovered in the Sleep Style Dex.

Bugs Fixed as of

■ A bug that caused Error 25200 to occur and return to the title screen when Snorlax ate Berries

■ Meganium having Large Leeks as its ingredient unlocked at Lv. 30, and Snoozy Tomatoes at Lv. 60.
As of an update on 1/26, adjustments were made so that Meganium with the ingredients described above will no longer newly appear in the game.
However, no adjustments will be made to this type of Meganium that have already been befriended. You can still play with the Meganium as it is now.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Sleep.