Beginner Tips

Tracking Your Sleep Consistently

If you start tracking your sleep from your smart device or your Pokémon GO Plus + when you head to bed, various kinds of sleep data will be detected and sent to the world of Pokémon Sleep.
You’ll get some nice benefits in the game if you track your sleep this way every day, so try not to forget!

Studying Sleep Styles

When you wake up, your sleep and Snorlax’s growth will be converted into Drowsy Power, and you’ll find that Pokémon have gathered around.
The Pokémon that appear will depend on your sleep type. Study their sleep styles and add them to your Sleep Style Dex!

Befriending Pokémon

You can make the Pokémon that gather when you sleep feel friendlier toward you by giving them Poké Biscuits.
If you max out their friendship points, you can befriend them and have them help you out with raising Snorlax!
You’ll receive one Bonus Biscuit every day at no cost to give out, and you can also get Poké Biscuits at the General Store and Sleep Point Exchanges.

Raising Snorlax

As you raise a Snorlax, it will gain Strength. The stronger it grows, the greater its Drowsy Power will become.
This means more Pokémon will be drawn to sleep near Snorlax, and you’ll have more chance of discovering a rare sleep style.

Raising Snorlax with Berries

Tap the Berries your helper Pokémon gather to feed them to Snorlax!

Raising Snorlax with Cooking

You can cook for Snorlax three times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night.
Cooking is a great way to help Snorlax grow—dishes and treats will give Snorlax a much bigger boost in Strength than eating Berries!
Your helper Pokémon will sometimes find ingredients you can use for cooking, so check in on them regularly.