Event: 1st Anniversary Lead-Up Gift Week


Saturday, July 20 will mark the first anniversary of Pokémon Sleep’s global release!
To celebrate this milestone, we will be giving out 150 bonus sleep points every day for a week beginning .

And also beginning on Monday, July 15, we will be holding a two-week event, the First Anniversary Fest!
Note: For details about the First Anniversary Fest, please see the announcements tol be posted at a later date.

We hope you’re looking forward to the celebration!

Event Areas:
• All areas

A Daily Gift of 150 Bonus Sleep Points!

Distribution Period:
• Day 1: to
• Day 2: to
• Day 3: to
• Day 4: to
• Day 5: to
• Day 6: to
• Day 7: to

• Bonus sleep points ×150

Notes: This applies to players who log in during the distribution period.
You can accept your gifts by tapping the gift box icon in the upper right of the in-game menu.
If your gifts have not yet arrived, please restart the app and then check your Gift Box.