Pokémon Growth Bundle Vol. 1 Includes Biscuits and Candies!

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

To accompany the Pokémon Growth Week event, Pokémon Growth Pack Vol. 1 will be available beginning !

We’ve prepared a bundle of items—including Growth Incense and Handy Candies M—that can help you raise your helper Pokémon.

Bundle Details

Availability Period: to


Pokémon Growth Bundle Vol. 1 (600 diamonds)

• Great Biscuit ×3

• Growth Incense ×1

• Handy Candy M ×1

• Dream Cluster S ×2

Note: Up to three available per user.

Growth Incense is an item that doubles the EXP your helper Pokémon gain during sleep research.

Give it a try when you’d like to raise your helper Pokémon.

You can set up your incense on the stump by your tent or via the pop-up that appears when you tap the Sleep button.