Update Contents (version 1.7.2)

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

This update includes the following improvements.
You will need to update to the latest version through your app store.

Update Contents

New Features

■ Preparation for the Entei Research event
Please see the event news for more details.

Game Contents

■ Changes to the conditions for when the Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge applies
• Before change: During sleep research, applied when any helper Pokémon on the team reached the current max level of 55, regardless of the user’s research rank.
• After change: During sleep research, will apply when any helper Pokémon on the team has reached the max level possible for the user’s research rank at the time.
Note about the Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge: If the team includes any helper Pokémon that have reached max level, any extra Sleep EXP earned through sleep research is added to the Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge. Each time the Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge fills up to 500 EXP, the user receives 1 Handy Candy S.

■ Added new perks to the Novice Researcher Bonus
The following perks have been added to the Novice Researcher Bonus.

• One additional hungry Pokémon
For each of the first seven sleep research sessions, one Pokémon will for sure arrive hungry.
Note: This does not apply to the second sleep research session of the day.

• If all of a user’s area bonuses add up to less than 100%, then the researcher’s area bonus will increase by 10% each week.
Note: This also applies to researchers whose Novice Researcher Bonus period has already ended; if all of your area bonuses add up to less than 100%, your area bonus will increase by 10% each week.

Balance Adjustments

■ Adjustments to the helping stats of certain helper Pokémon
• Persian
• Frequency shortened by 200 seconds

• Golduck
• Ingredient finding ×1.2
• Carry limit +3

• Wobbuffet
• Main skill chance ×1.1
• Carry limit +3

• Lucario
• Frequency shortened by 100 seconds

About Pokémon GO Plus +

■ Implementation of improvements so regular sleep research can be conducted for both sessions when two sleep tracking sessions are reported at the same time via Pokémon GO Plus +.
Note: When three or more sleep tracking sessions are reported, regular sleep research will be conducted once and the rest will all be included in one report, as normal.