New Arrival: Entei

The Legendary Pokémon Entei has been spotted near Greengrass Isle.
It may be possible to encounter it soon during sleep research.

We hope you’re looking forward to this!

Entei Details

Appearing Beginning

May 20, 2024, at 3:00 p.m.
Note: Entei Incense can be used starting from the date and time above.

Appearing at

Greengrass Isle
Note: Entei may still appear during regular sleep research on Greengrass Isle or at Taupe Hollow even after the Entei Research event ends—but extremely rarely.

Sleep Type

Entei: Snoozing

Main Skill

Helper Boost (Fire)

Special Pokémon

Entei is a Special Pokémon, and you can have only one Special Pokémon on your team.
Notes: It’s possible to befriend more than one Special Pokémon, but you cannot have more than one on the same team.
For each species of Special Pokémon, the Nature and sub skills will be identical for the first one befriended by each researcher.