Sleep Report: Good Sleep Day #9

How was your sleep research during the three-day Good Sleep Day event?

Our sleep tends to be shorter and shallower during the full moon. However, we found that on the night of the full moon during this Good Sleep Day event, the average sleep duration of all you researchers around the world was 3 min. and 35 sec. longer than average.

Sleep Report Details

Average sleep durations during Good Sleep Day compared to average sleep durations on the same days of the previous week

4/23 (Tue): 7 hrs 9 min (+5 min)
4/24 (Wed): 7 hrs 8 min (+5 min)
4/25 (Thu): 7 hrs 2 min (-1 min)

Notes: The difference from the same days of the previous week is calculated separately for each of the three days.
Only users who tracked sleep once per day were included in these calculations.

Thank you all for sleeping more than usual to further your sleep research.

We plan to hold the Good Sleep Day event again on the following dates so that you can sleep just as well during the next full moon. Please look forward to the next Good Sleep Day event!
The next Good Sleep Day event will be held from 5/22 to 5/24.

This Month’s Sleep Tips

Here’s this month’s sleep tip!
We hope all you researchers find this useful for your daily sleep.

Can a person become an early riser, a night owl, or a short sleeper?

Short sleepers are basically born with this characteristic; it’s in their DNA. It’s nearly impossible to change the amount of sleep your body requires through practice or effort.

This is the same for both morning people and night people. People are born as early risers or night owls. It’s said to be extremely hard for night people to deliberately become morning people.

As long as they do not have any sleep disorders and their sleep schedule is right for them, none of these types—short sleepers, long sleepers, early birds, or night owls—is inherently better than any other.

Meanwhile, research on short sleepers hasn’t progressed much because real short sleepers are very rare. It seems likely that most people who think of themselves as short sleepers are actually just sleep deprived.
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