Response to Inappropriate Conduct

Thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep!

This is an announcement about our response to inappropriate conduct within this app.
We will be strengthening our response to inappropriate conduct so players can play the game with full peace of mind.

Example of Inappropriate Conduct
■ Using unauthorized tools or programs to conduct a considerable number of sleep research sessions.

Inappropriate conduct, such as the above, conflicts with our Terms of Use, and we will be taking measures—such as suspending the user’s account—if it is detected in either past or future gameplay.

Please enjoy the app according to the rules laid out in the Terms of Use.

Also, playing the game in ways other than intended may cause problems with the app’s operation, so please refrain from spreading or encouraging such behavior.

To protect the peace of mind of our players, we will periodically observe app use and continually respond to inappropriate conduct within the app.

We hope you continue to enjoy Pokémon Sleep!